Wednesday, 21 April 2021

A Great Eye

"Concealed within his fortress, the lord of Mordor sees all. His gaze pierces cloud, shadow, earth and flesh. You know of what I speak, Gandalf. A great eye, lidless, wreathed in flame."

 I had so much fun doing Sauron's eye I decided to do another eye.

Wednesday, 14 April 2021


The first thing to try for any tech glitch is to turn it off and on again, right? If only we could do the same to our brains! While my dream superpower is telepathic communication with animals, I'd also love to be a technomancer.

If you're stuck on characterisation, you can do a tarot reading or astrological chart to spark traits or motivations you'd never have thought of consciously. Tarot cards are also good for plotting. Open a book to a random page or choose a random song lyric. There are countless ways to trigger subliminal inspiration and trick your brain down untrodden paths.

I've used back-translation with online translators to generate evocative titles ("Stolen to Time" is one of my favourites). And I've used Botnik to inspire unusual connections - the kind that only come from dream logic.

Here's Botnik writing a Thana Niveau story:



There's a haunting poetry in the reordering of words via predictive text. It's like reading stories I wrote while I was dreaming.

But while all of that is fun, and stimulates the creative area of my brain, none of it opens the gate that releases the actual STORIES.


Reinstall Muse?

Yes, please!

Saturday, 10 April 2021

Never read the comments

But I do sometimes. I can't always resist. Especially when the ART AI ad pops up on Facebook. "Soulless", "cold" and "creepy" seem to be the most common slurs from people who don't like it. And the biggest objection seems to be the idea that it's an insult to "real" artists and that it takes money away from them.

This is the argument that frustrates me the most. It assumes that I'm actively looking for art, and that anything made by human hands will do, but I'll get distracted by the "nonsense" made by "the push of a button" instead of supporting a "real" artist. Well, I do in fact own human-made art, and I'd own more if I had the wall space. And the cash. A lot of human art is simply beyond my means. I wanted to buy a print of a photograph I fell in love with, but it was £2,000! Just for a PRINT! Yes, there is affordable human art, but if it doesn't speak to me, why would I buy it? Someday I hope to have an office with a photographic feature wall - some tranquil forest or ocean scene. Is that also an insult to human artists?

In fairness, I have seen one or two sensible comments about how it's possible to own art by more than one artist, or indeed by a human AND an AI, but they tend to get lost in the sea of pronouncements about what we "should" be buying "instead". I only hope these dismissive and judgmental people don't actually manage to shame others out of buying AI art. Humans can be just as soulless, cold and creepy as they think AI is.


Friday, 2 April 2021


"Be warned, I shall uphold my sacred oath to protect this realm as its gatekeeper. If your return threatens the safety of Asgard, my gate will remain shut and you will be left to perish on the cold wastes of Jotunheim."



M0n0chr0miX is the algo-artist who created this striking piece. Odin sits before the gates of Valhalla, wreathed by the branches of Yggdrasil. Fenrir skulks behind a pillar on one side, and on the other Thor is raising his hammer to strike. It must be the mischief of Loki that has turned them all to stone. Ragnarok is upon us!

Or maybe it's none of those things. What do YOU see?