Wednesday, 13 January 2021

Escaping My Mind

Alice gazed in wonder as the dream escaped her mind, forming in the sky above. The city took flight, dissolving and mutating into new and fantastically strange shapes. Reality had fractured at last. She was free.

I remain endlessly fascinated by AI paintings. They're like visions filtered through the dreaming brain. An utterly alien way of looking at the world. This is what it's like to see as no human ever could.

And they're inspiring me to want to paint surreal dream images too. (Watch this space.)

The AI Art Gallery keep sending me discount codes and tempting me with 30% off and free shipping and I see new paintings I want every other day. There was one I really REALLY wanted a couple of weeks ago, but someone beat me to it. But I have two others on my wishlist whose allure I might eventually succumb to.

The main problem is that I'm fast running out of wall space. LOL I'm sure this isn't a problem unique to writers, but we do tend to have lots and lots of books. Therefore, most of our wall space is taken up with bookcases. But I could still squeeze another couple of weird prints in there.

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