Monday, 30 October 2017

The Sound of Horror

What does horror sound like? You can find out today on Brighton & Hove's Coastal Waters Review, hosted by Caroline Waters, with special guests Tom Johnstone and... me!

It's on at 4 pm. (That's UK time and our clocks just went back, so as far as I know, that means time has stopped entirely in the rest of the world.)

You can hear us live here:

Tom will read his story "The Apotheosis of Jenny Swallow" and he'll also be discussing the role of sound in horror. I'll be reading an extract from my radio-based horror story "Two Five Seven", about a little girl who hears a ghostly voice coming from her grandfather's old radio. Has she merely found a numbers station? Or is there something else at work behind those dials that look like staring eyes?

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