Friday, 2 December 2016

"The Curtain" rises in The Dark

I'm darkly delighted to be one of those crows on the cover of The Dark this month, edited by Sean Wallace. That's me under the letter R, soaring headlong into the unknown. Perhaps I'm heading for the ocean, to dive into the gloomy depths. Or maybe that's only in my story, "The Curtain", which is featured alongside stories by Steve Rasnic Tem, Cate Gardner and Priya Sharma.

"The Curtain" is possibly my favourite of all the stories I've ever written. It made its debut in my collection From Hell to Eternity and was later reprinted in Best New Horror 24 and Far Voyager (PS Postscripts 32/33). So it delights me no end that others like it too!

Now it's here for all to read in issue 19 of the glorious magazine The Dark.

So go on. Follow the sound of our fluttering wings. If you dare.