Thursday, 10 December 2015

Christmas for the Doomed!

It's that time of year again. Time to don your armour for any excursion outside the house, time to curse all those people who stubbornly refuse to buy anything online, time to put in your earplugs to block out the sound of all those Christmas carols we've heard a billion times, time to get out the true Christmas movies like RARE EXPORTS and DIE HARD and THE THING, and time to enjoy another Vault of Evil advent calendar full of grim, gruesome horror stories to make the season pass in blood-soaked joy!

Chrissie Demant
It's already well under way, but there's still time to gorge on some of the poisoned sweets before getting caught up. A grisly tale of my own is lurking behind one of those little rotting advent doors, and a quick scan of the previous years' advent calendars will give you a clue to the date.  ;-)

And if you're as sick of those same old Christmas carols as I am, and you like your holidays with a Cthulhoid / Elder Gods / Great Old Ones / Monster-y edge, might I suggest the remedy that made them fun for me? The H P Lovecraft Historical Society's "Scary Solstice" versions are an absolute delight. I made a few fan videos with them in my self-taught editor-of-recut-trailers days. Here's one of the best:

Hope you all have a wonderful holiday, whatever version of the winter festival you celebrate. Scary Solstice everyone!

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