Monday, 24 August 2015

3 more sleeps!

art by Graham Humphreys
Until FrightFest, that is! And as always, I'm ridiculously excited. Many of my favourite films of the year will be seen in that marathon 5-day session. There are always disappointments too, and some hard choices always have to be made. With 80-something films showing across 4 screens, it's not physically possible to see everything, so it's a bit of a gamble. Still, I'm mostly happy with my choices and I can only hope that the ones I'll have to miss will surface someday. (Although sadly so many little FF gems are never heard from again!)

This year we're in the ARROW screen, but we've also booked more Discovery screen tickets than ever before, so we'll be bouncing between screens at the Vue and the Prince Charles.

Hangin' out with Graham Humphreys
One unfortunate thing is that they've put the special guests up against films we want to see, so we just have to hope to run into the mad Graham Humphreys and the lovely Barbara Crampton in the bar at some point. Oh well - it's always more fun meeting people face to face anyway.

2 years ago I got to tell director Paul Hyett and stars Kevin Howarth and Rosie Day how much I liked THE SEASONING HOUSE, so this year I hope I get to gush to him about how much I loved his werewolf movie HOWL (because I know I will). We got a sneak peak at Glasgow FrightFest back in February and I've been dying to see it ever since. There are rumours of a DESCENT cast reunion at the Q&A for HOWL, so I'm really psyched for that too. THE DESCENT is one of my top 10 horror films of all time.

Fangirling it with Simon Boswell
I also hope we can squeeze in time for a meal with FrightFesty friends. We can usually manage one or two proper meals and spend the rest of the time grazing on nachos and hot dogs in the bar. And wine, of course. Oh yes.

John, as usual, will be doing a full-on FrightFest roundup at House of Mortal Cinema and I'll blog my favourites afterwards. I've been trying to get the hang of Twitter and I'm sure I'll be tweeting about the festival throughout. I think the hashtag is #F4FF15 but people are bound to be using #frightfest too.

Anyway, I'm counting the days and I can't wait! Watch this space.....