Saturday, 25 July 2015

The Power of Makeup

What's this? A non-writing-related blog post? Why, yes! Because this little corner of the Net isn't just for pimping my stories or begging people to come to cons and signings. I share a lot of personal stuff on Facebook (still can't quite get the hang of Twitter, although I tried this time), but sometimes I find myself wishing certain posts and threads could last longer than the insect-lifespan of a newsfeed.

So here goes. A personal post. **deep breath**

There's been a lot of "makeup shaming" lately - people (yes, women too!) insisting that those of us who like to glam up only do so because we're insecure, because we're hiding something or because we're all victims of celebrity culture who feel pressure to conform to some manufactured ideal of beauty, etc, etc. Apparently, we shouldn't take any pleasure in making ourselves look a little prettier, a little less spotty or a little less ordinary. We should just be happy to go out with all our warts on display.

This should be a frivolous issue, a simple decision an individual makes based on her (or his) own desires, a decision as trivial as choosing which colour socks to wear. (Although give it time - the sock shamers are probably just waiting for their moment.)

YouTuber Nikkie Tutorials hit back at all this nonsense with a fabulous clip transforming half of her face into full-on glam and leaving the other half "raw, unedited, nothing, me, just me". So I'm joining the hundreds of other women who have posted crazy selfies following her example.

Here's my own half raw + half glam look!

Half raw / half glam

I love makeup and no one will ever make me feel guilty about it. I don't wear it to impress or deceive anyone, or because I think I'm ugly without it. I wear it because I like it, because it's fun and because it's just another way of expressing my creative side.

Most importantly, I wear makeup because it's MY face and MY choice.

So if you're feeling brave enough (and yes, it does take some guts to do this to only half your face because that's when the postman is bound to turn up!), join the party and post your own halfie. The Twitter hashtag is #thepowerofmakeup and I'm @ThanaNiveau over there.

MY face . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . MY choice

If I can end on a more sombre note, here's a powerful video showing the dark side of the makeup controversy. It made me cry. This is why it's not a frivolous issue.

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