Monday, 27 October 2014

Signed, signed, signed!

© Peter Coleborn
It was a grand day out at London's Forbidden Planet, with 30+ authors and artists in attendance to sign, sign, sign! Of course, there's never enough time to talk to everyone you want to talk to but hey, it was still a feat having all of us in one room for a few hours.

Here I am with Stephen Volk, who was horrified to think I might be sitting next to him...

© Peter Coleborn
He was spared, though! We were seated alphabetically, so I was between Kim Newman and Reggie Oliver, who put a black veil on my head and turned me into the Woman in Black.

© Reggie Oliver
© Peter Coleborn
I signed about 200 sheets for the special edition of Best New Horror 25, along with loads of copies of the book itself and Zombie Apocalypse: Endgame.

© Peter Coleborn
Afterwards we went to the Bloomsbury Tavern (and hooray for technology! Without my phone's "Maps" app, we'd have been roaming the streets endlessly), where of course there wasn't enough room for everyone and I didn't get to see everyone I wanted to. Ah well. It's impossible to catch up with such a huge group, but there's always Fantasycon next year. Until then, I hope you can read the manic purple scrawl that is my signature!

Monday, 6 October 2014

Panic on the streets of London!

The good kind, that is. A mass signing!

I'll be there and so will at least 30 other authors. We'll be signing copies of various different anthologies we're in, including Best New Horror 25 (the 25th anniversary edition!) and Zombie Apocalypse: Endgame.

No Tricks, just Treats this Hallowe’en as the greatest names in British horror gather downstairs at the FORBIDDEN PLANET LONDON MEGASTORE to sign their terrifying tomes on Saturday 25 October, from 1:00–2:00 pm.

Here’s a list of the authors, artists and editors who are participating:

Pat Cadigan
Ramsey Campbell
Michael Chislett
Adrian Cole
Peter Crowther
Les Edwards
Jo Fletcher
Christopher Fowler
Amanda Foubister
Stephen Gallagher
Stephen Jones
Paul Kane
Alison Littlewood
Paul McAuley
Gary McMahon
Lou Morgan
Mark Morris
Kim Newman
Thana Niveau
Reggie Oliver
Sarah Pinborough
John Llewellyn Probert
Joe Roberts
Lynda E. Rucker
Mark Samuels
Robert Shearman
Laurence Staig
Lavie Tidhar
Simon Kurt Unsworth
Stephen Volk
Conrad Williams

There will be in-store give-aways and, for the first 10 people to buy all five ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE! titles on the day, a prize draw for the latest Sony XperiaTM Z3 phone (worth more than £470!) to tie in with the publication of ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE! ENDGAME.

For those who cannot make it into London, you can pre-order your signed books through the FORBIDDEN PLANET website.

Following the signing, many of the authors will move across to The Bloomsbury Tavern, 236 Shaftsbury Avenue, where THE BRITISH FANTASY SOCIETY is hosting an Open Day in the Upstairs Bar, and where you will be able to socialise with the writers, artists and publishers into the early evening. There will also be a raffle of books featuring some of the authors present.

So, please come along and join us on Saturday the 25th for THE GREATEST HALLOWE’EN HORROR SIGNING EVER!