Sunday, 21 September 2014

No History of Violence

Horror Uncut: Tales of Social Insecurity and Economic Unease is here at last, an anthology of horror stories inspired by the government's "austerity" measures. It's also the swan song of the late Joel Lane, a project that was very close to his heart.

Co-edited by Tom Johnstone and published by Gray Friar Press, it contains 17 original stories of the dystopian reality we live in now.


Foreword by Tom Johnsone
A Cry for Help by Joel Lane
The Battering Stone by Simon Bestwick
The Ballad of Boomtown by Priya Sharma
The Lucky Ones by John Llewellyn Probert
The Sun Trap by Stephen Hampton
Only Bleeding by Gary McMahon
The Lemmy / Trump Test by Anna Taborska
Falling into Stone by John Howard
Ptichka by Laura Lauro
The Devil’s Only Friend by Stephen Bacon
The Procedure by David Williams
Pieces of Ourselves by Rosanne Rabinowitz
A Simple Matter of Space by John Forth
The Privilege Card by David Turnbell
The Ghost at the Feast by Alison Littlewood
The Opaque District by Andrew Hook
No History of Violence by Thana Niveau
Afterword by Tom Johnstone

Here you will encounter the
 terrible price exacted for treatment in a private hospital, an ancient curse on an abandoned housing development, a torture gang of wealthy thugs who hunt the poor, suicidal apparitions encountered by a healthcare PR man, and many more macabre visions.

It's available direct from Gray Friar Press and amazon (UK) and amazon (US).