Friday, 21 June 2013

BFS award nomination

I'm really excited to announce that From Hell to Eternity has been shortlisted for a British Fantasy Award for Best Collection!

I'm not going to canvas for votes because that's unethical (and silly) but I don't see anything wrong with being happy with the nomination. My fellow nominees are Robert Shearman, Joel Lane and Jonathan Carroll, so I'll be happy no matter who wins, as they're all fabulous writers whose work I love.

That's all. Just sharing the happy!

Oh! You can read the full list of nominations here. Congratulations to all the nominees!

This awards ceremony promises to be even more terrifying for me than in 2011, when John Llewellyn Probert and I presented the award for Best Film. Performing on stage is one thing; public speaking is quite another. If I don't win, I'm off the hook but if I do... forgive me if I just faint!