Thursday, 17 January 2013

They're talking about me!

Or at least my stories.

I'm a terrible blogger. Blame Facebook, where I get out most of my urge to cyber-socialise. But I've just had my third super-fantastic review of From Hell to Eternity so I wanted to share the love.

First up is Pete Tennant's review in the Case Notes of Black Static magazine. My favourite bit? "If Gray Friar is 'the true home of British horror', then by publishing work of this quality they have shown that the genre's future is in safe hands." But that's not all! My other favourite bit is what he says about my story "Antlers": "A young woman looking for accommodation takes a detour right off the map and into a situation that is as shocking as it is grotesque, the story shot through with all the unease of a waking nightmare, like a surreal and British minimalist reinvention of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre."

This morning Jim McLeod posted his review on Ginger Nuts of Horror. I couldn't be more excited. Jim's a man who really knows his horror so his praise means a lot to me. (I'm extra chuffed that my book was a birthday present from his mother.) He says: "This is not a light read, her stories are layered, dark, melancholic and in a number of cases exceptionally chilling and disturbing." Hooray!

And a couple of weeks ago Adam Millard posted his review on This Is Horror. I couldn't have hoped for a better recommendation than this: "There is something here for everyone, providing you’re a fan of bloody good writing and thought-provoking prose. Niveau is one to keep an eye on. With From Hell To Eternity, it’s clear that she means business."

Yes, I do mean business and yes, you should keep your eye on me because I've got a taste for it now and I'm not stopping. There's plenty of Lovecraftian doom on the way from me, along with some J-horror weirdness, dead babies, body horror and uncomfortable juxtapositions of sex and death. And giallos. Oh yes, there will be giallos...