Thursday, 13 October 2011

Come into my parlour...

My cobwebby new online home, that is! Do they have housewarming parties for virtual homes? If so you're all invited. You don't even need a Great Sarcophagus fly to find it because I've cleared away all those rotting corpses.

Here's the key to the front door:

Don't forget the wine!

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Fantasycon 2011

What an amazing weekend! Unfortunately, we had to leave early but congratulations to all the BFS award winners! Thanks to the Great Old Ones for the freak heat wave too. I was right at home but the natives seemed to be melting. And what a fabulous place Brighton is too - so wonderfully free and quirky! I can't imagine any other venue being as much fun. We'll still go, of course, wherever it is.

I want to say a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who came to our Teatro Proberto performance on Saturday night. I'm still buzzing from it all. Your reactions and audience participation were beyond our wildest expectations. You made all the preparation and endless rehearsing (not to mention the terror just beforehand!) worthwhile. If you'll have us back, we'll definitely keep doing it.

From Beyond Burlesque was loads of fun too, even though I suspect it was a bit much for many people. We saw quite a few shell-shocked faces in the audience. I for one loved Luxury Values' "boylesque" Wolf Man routine. Any man willing to perform a campy bunny disembowelment on stage and then die to "Bright Eyes" has made a fan for life!

I was sad that the disco was scheduled opposite us, as I'd love to have been in there dancing all night. Maybe next time there won't be so many conflicts. There were simply too many things going on all the time to be able to do it all.

As always, it was fantastic to see old friends and make new ones. I was thrilled to meet Pete Atkins and even more thrilled when he told us he enjoyed our World Horror performance of CORRUPTION. Wow! And I went all fangirl gushy when I got to meet Christopher Priest and chat with him for so long. He's a lovely man and an extremely talented writer. And the fact that he came to our show was pretty surreal for me. Flattered beyond all measure!

The Best New Horror signing went well and was really well attended. Thank you to everyone who bought the book. I'm so proud to be in there with all those heavy hitters! And how amazing to be signing it alongside Ramsey Campbell, one of my earliest influences and one of the true heroes of the genre.

Oh, and the books! Books, books, books! We always say we're not going to buy tons of books and we always drive home with a car full of... yes, books! It's impossible to go round the dealer's room and resist the temptation of all those fantastic stories told on those gorgeously printed pages by all those lovely writers wandering around and not want to grab every single one. We're going to need new bookshelves soon to accommodate our weak wills.

There are too many fun moments to write about here and if I don't stop I'll just go on forever. Which we're all kind of doing anyway over on Facebook.

Well done, Fantasycon! This was a truly fantastic weekend and one I'll remember for the rest of my life.