Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Tentacular Spectacular

I hope I'm not tempting fate by posting about it before I hold the actual book in my hands. But I *have* seen photographic evidence on the Interwebs that it exists so I'm taking the risk. (I'm just too excited not to share!)

Two years ago I announced the inclusion of a story of mine in the Chaosium anthology Steampunk Cthulhu. And at long last the book is finally out!

Here's a tiny taste...

As the door closed behind her she became aware of a dank and pervasive smell. The interior of the shop was entirely at odds with the beautiful corsetry on display. The surfaces were furred with dust and the walls were spotted with ichorous yellow stains and tufts of fungus. Lucy pressed a lace handkerchief to her face and she was just turning to leave when she saw the book.

On a battered lectern in one corner, a large volume lay open. Curious, Lucy inched closer, realising as she did so that the book was the source of the stench. Its crumbling pages were warped and stained and the stand beneath it dripped with foul water. But although she was repulsed, Lucy found herself peering closer at the open pages. The spiky text was presumably some foreign language but it was the drawing that really intrigued her. A peculiar multi-legged creature hovered midway down the page, its single monstrous eye seeming to stare directly at her from the depths of some awful abyss.

       The oppressive smell was making her lightheaded and she backed away slowly, determined to get away from the book. As she watched, the creature’s legs seemed to wave like fingers. Was it levering itself up out of the page?

It's available from Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com.

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