Monday, 10 September 2012

From Hell to Eternity

Now available from Gray Friar Press: my debut short story collection!

While there won't be an official launch at Fantasycon, Pete Crowther of PS Publishing has very kindly offered to let my humble little book share space on his table in the dealers' room. And of course I'll be around all weekend if you'd like me to sign your copy. Just grab me and insist!

The lovely cover is by Steve Upham and if the exploitation film style of the blurb sounds familiar, you can probably guess who wrote it for me.


The Curtain
The Coal-Man
The Cutting Room Floor
Ultrasound Shadow
The Death of Dreams
The Pier
The Scouring
Under the Skin
A Time of Choice
Strange Games
Bruised Fruit
White Roses, Bloody Silk
Stolen to Time
From Hell to Eternity

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