Monday, 24 September 2012

Fantasycon 2012 signings

It's going to be a busy Fantasycon for me! I've got quite a few stories in various books that are launching and I'm doing my first-ever panel, as well as being raffle slave for the ebullient duo of John Llewellyn Probert and Guy Adams!

So here's my timetable for those of you who want to stalk me...


10pm - 11.30pm: 
the Fabulous FantasyCon Raffle


10am - 11am 
Panel: What Makes a Good Ghost Story (Fitzherbert Room)
With John Llewellyn Probert, Alison Littlewood, Joel Lane and Tony Richards

2pm - 3pm 
Book launch: Magic: an Anthology of the Esoteric and Arcane
(featuring my story "First and Last and Always")

3pm - 4pm 
Book launch: The Ninth Black Book of Horror
(featuring my story "The Things That Aren't There:)

4pm - 5pm 
Book launch: Best New Horror 23
(featuring my story "White Roses, Bloody Silk")

And of course I'll be around all weekend to sign copies of my own book (sadly, with no formal launch but it should be available from the PS Publishing table in the dealer room), From Hell to Eternity.


  1. What, no panto this year? That will be the Vault live satellite link-up up in smoke then.

    Good luck with the raffle, panel, '9th Black Book'-'BNH 23'-'Magic' signings, and most of all, the dry run for the 'From Hell to Eternity' launch.

    dem/ gloomy

  2. Panto next year for sure! Just too much going on this year to manage it.

    And many thanks for your encouragement! :-)