Friday, 10 February 2012

Pure, unadulterated horror

I had a very nice review of my story "The Coal-Man" in The Eighth Black Book of Horror:

Charles Black promises "pure, unadulterated horror", and is true to his word. There are very few laughs in Thana Niveau's The Coal Man, about a childhood demon that leaves coal in your pillow, or scatters lumps "like a rank of chess pieces." Niveau keeps us guessing until the last page, whether the monster is real or a manifestation of her protagonist's disturbed imagination, but though the final truth doesn't come as a complete surprise, it hardly detracts from the power invested in the terrifying Coal Man, one of a host of memorable, original supernatural monsters in this volume that make a refreshing change from the endless rehashes of the vampire and zombie myths cluttering the nation's bookshelves.

You can read Tom Johnstone's full review of the book on the Zone-SF website..


  1. Oh dear, I hope I didn't misquote that bit about chess pieces in the review! Was it actually "a rank of chess pieces" or were they "rank chess pieces"? Still, whichever it was, glad the review was welcome. Also enjoyed re-reading "The Pier" in BNH. Was it based on Clevedon pier? Only there was something in the Metro about some bloke seeing a ghost on there...

  2. It was indeed Clevedon Pier - well spotted! (I nicked the fire from Weston Pier, though.) I'd love to see the Metro article. It wouldn't surprise me if there were lots of ghost sightings. It's a very atmospheric spot. :-)